High Speed Internet

Do you need reliable and affordable high speed internet with no B.S.?

Did we mention that all taxes and fees are included?

Do you want faster service contact our sales team.

We can offer you up to 1.4 Tbps via fiber.

If you rent your landlord will need to sign a install release.

Have your landlord fill out the install release below.


Are there any referral discounts?

Yes absolutely, If you refer someone you and them the get $5 off for one month of service, Just tell them to give us your name when signing up. Is there a limit to how many referrals I can get? Absolutely no!

About our network

Our network consists of fully redundant fiber routes to Denver, CO, Billings, MT, and Salt Lake City, UT back to our network operations center in Gillette, WY where it gets distributed to our towers and fiber fast customers via wireless and our metro fiber network to ensure redundant, low latency, and of course faster than fast internet. In the name of redundancy we use generators and battery backup systems to ensure our Data Center, Network Operations Center, Internet, and Phone Traffic are always operating. We also use "warm spare" technology in the event of a hardware failure the warm spare activates automatically within milliseconds to prevent downtime. We have direct connections with 50+ ISP's, Cloud providers, and more. 12 of those peers make the backbone of the worlds internet so that means the shortest and fastest hop when accessing most everything on the web.